Friday, May 20, 2011

True leaves

yes it is not a rumor, my pumpkins have sprouted their "True Leaves". These are the leaves that grow the actual vines that I will be harvesting my pumpkins from. They are growing a little faster than I anticipated and I am growing a little worried about the space that they are growing in. I have a plan to clear out a space near my computer to plant the vines (if they get to long to keep in the bucket lol). This experiment is turning out quite nicely and very fun. I have planted 3 more pumpkins for my daughter, who by the way is having a blast! The red bucket is hers and that is planted 5 days ago!
Pot 2, 4 seedlings and they are still growing strong

Pot 1 the strongest vine that I am expecting the most out of

The middle leaves (the ones that look like actual leaves) are the true leaves

Cami-Wami has her pumpkins too! :)

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