Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving temp and preventing the nasty BUGS!

I have recently discovered a few changes in my seedlings, and not the good kind of change. They seem to have acquired some nasty little bugs that apparently came with the soil (so not cool "Miracle Grow"!) I have taken preventative measures to keep them from reproducing and even coming back, I have covered the soil with about 2 inches of green sand. Gotta be colorful!! I have also moved them outside for this week (weather permitting) I am hopping for them to get some much needed vitamin D and "real" sunlight, and maybe that will help the drooping leaves, or it could just be a little over watering on my part, whoops!! Of course more pics for my blog :) And the training process for the direction of my leaves.......has begun!!

The dual pots, I have started training the vines :)

What a mess these little guys made!!

Pot 1, my most hopeful seedling

Wammys pot!

All together now boys and girls!

Pot number 2, these guys started the bug infestation, shame on you...... but I still love you :P

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