Monday, May 30, 2011

uh oh

I think they may be dying..................again! How frustrating can these little buggers get!?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Part 1

I have decided to build the pumpkin habitat after all, and I want to share my experiences and trials with all ya'll! take a look at the video, this is part 1!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving temp and preventing the nasty BUGS!

I have recently discovered a few changes in my seedlings, and not the good kind of change. They seem to have acquired some nasty little bugs that apparently came with the soil (so not cool "Miracle Grow"!) I have taken preventative measures to keep them from reproducing and even coming back, I have covered the soil with about 2 inches of green sand. Gotta be colorful!! I have also moved them outside for this week (weather permitting) I am hopping for them to get some much needed vitamin D and "real" sunlight, and maybe that will help the drooping leaves, or it could just be a little over watering on my part, whoops!! Of course more pics for my blog :) And the training process for the direction of my leaves.......has begun!!

The dual pots, I have started training the vines :)

What a mess these little guys made!!

Pot 1, my most hopeful seedling

Wammys pot!

All together now boys and girls!

Pot number 2, these guys started the bug infestation, shame on you...... but I still love you :P

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wammys pumpkins

My cami-wamy's pumpkins are doing awesome! They are thriving and growing strong.


They seem to be thriving in their pots, true leaves galore and it is starting to look like a forest in pot number 2! gotta love the growth of my plants.
There be the forest! There is one vine that the leaves look like they are starting to welt a little bit so they do have me a tad bit worried, however the rest are thriving and that is all that matters :).

Friday, May 20, 2011

True leaves

yes it is not a rumor, my pumpkins have sprouted their "True Leaves". These are the leaves that grow the actual vines that I will be harvesting my pumpkins from. They are growing a little faster than I anticipated and I am growing a little worried about the space that they are growing in. I have a plan to clear out a space near my computer to plant the vines (if they get to long to keep in the bucket lol). This experiment is turning out quite nicely and very fun. I have planted 3 more pumpkins for my daughter, who by the way is having a blast! The red bucket is hers and that is planted 5 days ago!
Pot 2, 4 seedlings and they are still growing strong

Pot 1 the strongest vine that I am expecting the most out of

The middle leaves (the ones that look like actual leaves) are the true leaves

Cami-Wami has her pumpkins too! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adding dirt

Update to adding dirt: I have added about 4 inches of dirt to each pot in hops that the primary vines will now grow some extra roots making the vines all that much stronger and thicker. Wish me luck in my little endeavor!

Pot 1 - 4 seedlings
Pot 2 2 seedlings (strongest one)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adding dirt

Today I will be adding a little more potting soil to Jenkins' pot, a little trick I learned from a website. The hope is that once the bottom part is buried that more roots and life sustaining vines will sprout and spread through the dirt making it stronger. Wish me luck! This "luck" will actually not be really needed, only for the roots to sprout because I will not be moving it at all to risk death again lol.

I shall call you "Jenkins"

Overnight, with the new light it seems that they do indeed like the light :). They have grown up so much so fast *tear*
I shall call you "Jenkins" He is (right now) 8" tall!

They are growing!

Bottom half of "Jenkins"

Friday, May 13, 2011

My new edition!

First off, (being on the top floor of the apartment complex) I have the heat, now I have the light! Yay for technology in being able to synthesize the sunlight! Or as close as it gets lol

Light 'er up!
Lets watch and see what this new edition does to my babies over night?
Not to mention the other pot has started to sprout as well!!
My new buddies!

Day 7 one week into planting

Holy cow, got home from work today I got and even BIGGER surprise!!\

Just trying to look....and he fell over lol

Day 6 evening

Got home from work, and i found a nice little surprise!

It has grown a little! lol

Day 6 Morning

Wow, last night there was nothing, and today? wowzer it sprouted overnight............literally!

Days 1-5

Not a whole lot went on other than waiting and watering. Yeah that's about it

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Death by transplant

Its true! :'( They died during the transplant, I tried to keep them alive to no vail. I have since planted the replacement seedlings, and I am hopping for the very best of these ones. I will not have to transplant these, they are already in their permanent housing so hopefully that will keep them alive.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update on transplant

I am thinking that unfortunately the transplant has inadvertently killed my seedlings :( Just as precautionary measures I have planted 3 more seeds in the primary pot and 2 more in the secondary. I am hoping that they survive but if you take a look, I am not holding out too much hope.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week Four transplant completion and update

The transplant went great! Other than the one HORRID setback!! During the transplant, my main vines got pinched, I am hoping that they survive  but I am not holding my breath, instead I planted a few more seedlings, yes I know they will be behind but I do not want this pot to go to waste.
Pots I will be using

Side view of pots

Pinched :'(

They survived!

Here's to hoping they survive!